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​At the base of every great relationship is communication, that's why I implement a system that keeps the communication between us (the service provider) and you (the customer) open.  When I first started in the cleaning industry I worked at this company based in Salt Lake City that used a similar system and I liked it so much that when I started to offer Janitorial Services I wanted to set our company aside from all other cleaning companies and I think this point system does just that!

Before we start on a job we do an evaluation with the customer and find out at what level they want to keep it at. We than formulate a plan to keep the facilities at the desired level. But most other companies do that, something else that we do that sets us a part is our follow up system. We then, schedule set follow ups, with score cards, at a frequency desired by the customer to make sure that we are meeting all of the customer's expectations. This alone would make us better the a lot of other janitorial or cleaning companies, but we don't stop there.

Other than the Multi-step cleaning process that we have to make cleaning effective and standard, we also have an internal review process similar to the one we do with customers, but done with our cleaning crews. They are told the level of cleanliness wanted and are scored on how well they maintain that level as well as exceed it and are rewarded for it.

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